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This decade's role models, anywhere from athletes, to politicians, even rockstars, are icons for most in today's society. But are these icons really heroes for us to worship? Some would argue that today's society should not pay attention to the media and all of the people that are worshiped like gods in this world, but I believe it should be the opposite. As a young child I grew up during the Hulk Hogan, Kirby Puckett, and Michael Dukakis era. These were solid icons I was able to worship and try to follow every move he or she did. Not because I was trying to copy someone else's image, but because I believed in myself that one day I could be just like him. For some, following a hero throughout ones life could draw a path, or at least brighten up ones vision on what to do, or which way to approach their lives.

I would almost guarantee at least a quarter of the people in today's society are in a profession or found their life long goal by following or listening to their heroes.

One of my most memorable Heroes to this day was the immortal, Hulk Hogan. This wrestling icon was said to be, the greatest athlete who ever lived. One of his most memorable campaigns in becoming who he is today was inventing something called Hulkamania. This was something that all little kids (Hulksters was the name used by hulk Hogan) could believe in, and one day be just like the immortal. To this day I remember Hulk Hogan's slogan encouraging children to "train, say their prayers, take their vitamins, believe in themselves, and believe in hulkamania. Now I will agree with the fact that it can get somewhat dangerous now a days for kids to follow the media and try to be like their hero. If I were to really go into depth with Hulk Hogan, I would find out that hulk Hogan was tested positive and admitted on taking steroids throughout his wrestling career. Now kids are dealt with a dilemma here, wondering whether or not they should take that extra step in becoming their hero, "Do I take the steroids??"