High School as a Caterpillar

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A caterpillar can best describe my progress through high school. I enter high school as most other?s do an ordinary person, nothing too distinguishing. The same story could be said about the grades that I earned my freshman year; all I was doing was getting by. At the beginning of my sophomore year I had realized that I was not going to go anywhere with the effort I had been putting into my school work. Unfortunately I did not dedicate myself enough to academics; even though my grades had improved somewhat I did not achieve my goal. I was closer but still miles away from where I would like to have been. I had given my self no room for error so that if I wanted to get into the schools that I am interested in I would have to put in an effort unlike anything I had ever done before.

When I saw friend?s of mine not getting into the schools of their choice my metamorphosis truly began. I knew that the harder I worked the more options I would. So I vowed to myself, not like what I had done after my freshman year, but I told my self that my junior and seniors year were going to have to be utterly phenomenal. I knew that my junior was going to be the most academically productive year of my life when I opened up my first report card and saw some of the best grades that I had seen since middle school. This is when I began to come out of the cocoon and changed from that caterpillar into a butterfly. Just because I got this one report card did not mean that my work was done. I knew that I would have to keep getting better and better. However, now I knew what I had to do to get what I wanted. I can see my butterfly getting bigger and I eventually will get to where I had set my goal.