High School Sports: They're NOT That Great

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High School Sports: They're NOT That Great

All across the United States, students, both male and female, participate in high school sports. Recently, I have noticed that everyone praises them, the sports, for all they do for the students and the school. All these comments have come from ignorant people who are merely spectators and don't experience them first hand. Sure, they might have been great back in the Stone Age, but they have drastically changed since then.

Everywhere I go, I hear about how about the environment it creates, how sports teach you teamwork. This may be true, but people don't see what goes on off the playing field, off the courts, and behind the scenes. Players, usually the more gifted ones, pick on other players, usually the not so gifted ones, and they have to take being picked on because if they retaliate they usually get caught and are punished for their actions.

Particularly in football, a lot of cheap shots thrown, and a lot of belittling take place. In the locker room if one person is picking on someone, everyone else joins in. Now that's my idea of teamwork. Also, if a player is injured and can no longer participate in that sport, they are often the butt-end of jokes, and get called names because they are not able to play. This can often drive that athlete away from sports because they no longer want to associate with anyone from the team. No teamwork is shown towards that individual, no one tells everyone else to stop because they don't want to get made fun of along with that person.

Another reason sports are so great, is because they keep you in such great physical condition. In most cases, this is true, but a large percentage of...