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UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEMProblem DefinitionIn the case of this company the 'system' would be the advertising campaign of The Queenslander Holiday Resort in Cairns - the brochures and other advertising techniques the company has already employed to inform people about their company and the services it offers.

The purpose of the existing system is to inform potential customers about the services provided by the Queenslander Holiday Resort so they can receive more business and earn more money. Some shortcomings of the current system would be that it is hard to reach a wider audience with the current advertising techniques. It is hard to actually get these brochures etc. into the customer's hands. Most people just throw away junk mail they receive inside their mailbox and it's also very expensive and troublesome to hand out paper copies of advertisements. If there was a website for the Queenslander Holiday Resort a lot more people would be able to access it - a lot of people nowadays turn to the internet as their main source of information.

Besides it would be much easier for someone to look up everything they want to know on the Internet rather than ring up the company or pick up a brochure that probably won't have all the information they want on it.

For this project the "system" that needs to be analysed is the website that I as the web designer was commissioned to create. The purpose of this system is also to inform the potential customers/ general public of the services provided by the Queenslander Holiday Resort and thus to gain more customers and earn a greater profit. It also aims to just let customers know of the existence of the business so future business might come its' way via word of mouth.

Company background: this business...