History of the Pueblo Rosario Chapliancy

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Last September 1980, a small group of Homeowners led by Hermana Mayor, Mrs. Amor V. Ramos, started soliciting contributions for the purchase of an image of our patron saint-the Virgin of the Most Holy Rosary-to be used for the fiesta celebrations for that year. The response of the homeowners was beyond the expectation of the group so much that after the fiesta the group still had an excess fund of about P600.00. So the group had another meeting to decide that the money should be used to start a fund campaign for the construction of a chapel for our Patroness.

At first the plan was to make a chapel a common project of the group and the Homeowner's Association. However, a conflict arose later on when some officers of the Association insisted on making the proposed chapel a multi-purpose social hall as well. The group, on the other hand, insisted on making the chapel a purely religious edifice to house our Patroness.

To resolve the conflict, the group decided to continue the chapel project on its own independently of the Homeowner's Association. Thus was born: the Pueblo Rosario Chapel Construction Committee! The Chapel Construction Committee started its fund raising drive with a Bingo Social in November, and followed it up with a Rummage Sale in December 1980. The Committee realized a profit of about P10000.00 and with this initial amount it decided to start the project rolling with the groundbreaking ceremony on January 11, 1981 after the mass and procession of the Sto. Niño on its feast day. Actual construction of the chapel started on January 14, 1981. At first the target was to raise P50000.00, just enough for a chapel with a roof and flooring only. This modest objective of the committee was influenced by the...