The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

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Character Analysis There are quite a few characters in this novel, so I will only analyze the main characters and some important side characters. The story begins in Hobbiton, Gandalf the Grey arrives at Bilbo Baggins’ house with thirteen dwarves in tow. Gandalf is a wizard, a sort of superhuman with magical powers and a keen mind. He is very old, almost ancient and plays a very large part in Bilbo’s adventures. Whenever the fellowship is in trouble or in need of advice, Gandalf appears and points them into the right direction. Gandalf doesn’t seem to have any personal benefit from the happenings in the world; instead it seems that all he cares about is the welfare of others.

Bilbo on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be interested at all in adventures and the problems of others. Why should he be, Hobbits prefer to sit at home and enjoy the quiet surroundings.

Hobbits are magical creatures, some say they are descendants of an elf therefore, their pointy ears and special attributes. Hobbits are about the size of a small child, have hairy feet, never wear shoes and aren’t of the adventurous folk. Bilbo has courage in him that saved the lives of his fellow dwarves a few times and he is generous as most Hobbits are. Bilbo doesn’t see any personal gains in this adventure except for the reward of a bit of extra gold in his pocket and the thrill of adventure.

Of the thirteen dwarves, the most important ones were Thorin and Balin. Thorin was the grandson of the King Under the Lonely Mountain, far to the east of the Misty Mountains, which made him the rightful heir to the treasure and a kingdom. Balin was the cousin of Gimli, who later died protecting the Mines of...