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Jade Chinese Restaurant upstairs overlooking Torquays Main Street and some ocean views offers a selection of modern and Traditional Chinese meals.

After walking under hanging Chinese lanterns at the door you enter a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The design of the restaurant is set up so that the bar and service desk overlook the restaurant and the space and layout of the tables is excellent. So many tables, large and small set amongst small indoor water fountains and Chinese statues and dragons. The ambiance caters for an intimate dinner on a table at for two overlooking the water with dimmed lighting. Jade also caters for large groups, parties and functions, where all ordered food is placed on the middle of the table on the large spinning wooden plate.

After being seated almost as soon as you enter the door you are offered drinks and a basket of free home made prawn crackers are brought straight to the table.

Service is fast and within 7 minutes of ordering our meals we were placing our chopsticks in hand and ready to eat. I ordered an entrée of home made vegetable spring rolls which came with a sweet chilly dipping sauce. All arranged nicely on a bed of grated carrot. After the entrée I had a beautiful chicken and sweet corn soup, although a small serve it is all you need after the two large spring rolls.

To order an alcoholic drink you must go to the bar, as I was driving home I decided to stick to a coke. The only problem with these drinks, are that they are served just like you would buy them in a milk bar. How they come. You order them buy the can or bottle. This is okay, but does not suit the formal expectations of...