Hot, Hot, Hot...Memories of Summer

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Every time I sit down on a hot summer day, and look up into the sky, and see the sun shining down, I think of Buster Poindexter's song, "Hot hot hot". And every time I think of this song, I think of the earliest memories I have from my childhood, which are listening, singing and dancing to this old time favorite song.

It has been twenty years already but I can still remember the small three bedroom house we used to have back then. My parents were a young married couple and I was the only child at the time. But, I recall how the stereo system was in one of the bedrooms. I used to go frequently to the stereo room and turn it on. As soon as that song started to play, I became a star. I would open the closet door and grab my mom's tennis racket and use it as a guitar.

I would also put on my dad's sunglasses, just like a celebrity, and finally I would use a hair brush as a microphone. For those couple of minutes I was a star. Looking back now, there is only one thing to be said, "Those were the days".