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Some people would say that Huey P. Long was a very good man and was for the people one hundred percent. These people mainly consisted of the poor people that couldn't even afford an education, a house, or even food to live on. Well for the other people like his critics and big business owners would say Huey P. Long was a horrible man that thought only for himself. These people mention in the movie that Huey P. Long was a man that was always power hungry, selfish, and even greedy. In my own opinion I would say he was both a great but yet horrible man.

I would say that Long was a great man because of the fact that he helped the poor. He gave the poor a chance to succeed in life's quest of survival and succeeding to better one's self. He done this by trying to get all the poor various things to help because he has been there when he was a little boy, and he knows all about what the poor need to receive to help them.

He started by getting roads paved and bridges built so it would be easier to cross the waterways in Louisiana. Next he started trying to give the poor homes, education by giving free school books to those who could not afford them, and jobs to those whom were jobless because of all the new construction to help them put food on the table.

I would also say Long was a horrible, power hungry, selfish, and greedy man. I would say his because it got to the point in his governor career that it did seem he was starting to become that way. For example, he received money from all those state workers for his personal means and for his campaigning. He would also, in a way, blackmail, get revenge, or criticize people to gain his way in his own personal profit.