The Idea of Perfection

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'The Idea of Perfection' - Unseen Commentary Passage Analysis

The passage extract from Kate Grenville's 'The Idea of perfection', explores the idea of contrast and the idea of perfection, by a woman travelling to a township and finding an old bridge which seems to be a main point of division between the community. It is stated the community has this division because half want it demolished, whilst the others believe it is cultural heritage. The bridge is a major object in this passage for the reason that bridges are a symbol of unity, but here it is seen as a separation. The woman ends up drawing the structure of the bridge many times until she believes it correct, but finds that even the simplest drawings of the bridge could never be perfect.

Grenville sets a peaceful scene in the country using sensory imagery, describing the landscape and objects that she encounters.

There is a mention of a "fork in the road" which could be symbolic of the divided community over the bridge. The two roads which lead off from the junction not only are in different directions but one uphill and the other down. The path going down is to the township, which could imply something is wrong or it needs to be lifted back up, to be modernised. The town being "split" over what to do with the bridge is the conflict between the new, young residents wanting a modern and practical bridge and the older residents wanting the bridge as heritage. The argument is fixed on the bridge and it is described as having an "apologetic look", which would mean the dispute is the bridges fault, almost as if the bridge is apologising for what is happening. Already early in the...