If French Had Won the French and Indian War

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Introduction The French and Indian War was really called the Seven Years War. The French and Indian War was named by the English settlers because it pitted them against Native American allies. The war was caused by the taxes that were too high.

The Taxes There were many taxes put on items. Two specific Acts put taxes on molasses and documents. The Sugar Act put taxes on molasses. The Stamp put taxes on legal documents such as wills, diplomas, newspapers, playing cards, dice and marriage papers. The colonies thought the taxes were unjust. The colonies thought they should not pay taxes to England because they had representatives in England Parliament.

The History The French expected the Indians to side with them. Most French in North America were trappers and traders. Generally, they did not destroy Indian hunting grounds by clearing forests for farms. Many English settlers were farmers.

Usually, those settlers ignored Indian nights by felling trees and cleaning land for crops.

The English also won Native American allies in the Ohio Valley by charging lower prices than the French for trade goods. Three times between 1689 and 1748, France and Great Britain fought for power in Europe and North America.

Each war ended with an uneasy peace. In 1754, a fighting broke out for a forth time. Once again, the Ohio River Valley was at the center of dispute. The opening shots of war were fired by British?s soldiers. They were led by George Washington. George Washington led 150 men into the Ohio Country in April 1754. Determined to carry out his orders, Washington hurried on. Washington launched a surprise attack and scattered the French.

The French were about to counterattack but Washington and his men quickly threw up a makeshift stockade. They named it Fort Necessity. British...