If god existed why does humanity suffer?

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"If God really loved humanity, we would never have to suffer." Do you agree? Give reasons to support you answer, and show that you have thought about different points of view. Make reference to at least one religion.

Many people believe in God although there is no scientific evidence to support his existence. Many religions believe that he loves humanity as a whole and values each person as an individual. When suffering and pain does occur in real life, such as death, sickness or natural disasters people in their despair are led to question and criticize their current beliefs. In my opinion I believe that even if God did exist and love humanity suffering and pain would still happen because it is reality. It teaches us to love and value what we have but also to treasure the memories of what once may have been. People are forced to move on from what once was so in a positive view, suffering is part of evolution.

Suffering could also be viewed as part of a learning process. Some strict religious Christians believe that suffering is part of mankind due to the foolishness of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. By eating the fruit off the tree they unleashed knowledge and with it recognition of reality. Although I cannot say I believe in God, in my opinion if he did exist he would not have such immense control over mankind. Suffering and pain occurs over the world in many different scales and each person deals with it in different ways. This is as much of a fact as the existence of suffering is. What is not a fact is the existence of God and the measure of his power, but considering all the reasons above I believe that if...