Illinois Governor recently pardoning death row felons. Its main focus is on what parts of law the recent actions have focused on and why. Essay Title - Illinois Convolution

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Illinois Convolution

For years now the death penalty has been in effect in many states throughout the U.S. States that do not include the penalty are Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Recently the governor of Illinois, George Ryan, has helped thirteen convicted prisoners escape. His intentions are to reconsider the guiltiness of the prisoners and determine the appropriate punishments. Although his purpose is morally good, relatives of victims' families have begun to think otherwise.

Personally I believe that the governor of Illinois is only trying to withhold the honesty and integrity of the law. He is also trying to protect and promote the lives of the prisoners by giving them a fair chance for justice if they truly are innocent. As he becomes more active in the situation he is also causing pain and distress to those in relation to the victims of the crimes. If his presumptions are incorrect he is also putting the lives of American citizens at risk by having convicted criminals on the streets.

Another objective of the law his actions are apposing is preserving tradition. Traditionally those convicted and sentenced to death were eventually put to death without multiple trials. Each side of the issue has good supporting arguments and one could easily side with one opinion or the other.

The first objective governor George Ryan has upheld is the objective to preserve and promote life. His principles to bring forth justice into the American court system are in my opinion on the right track to improving the courts procedures by using technology and new investigation tactics to reach more accurate verdicts. "The governor is deeply concerned about the number of mistakes" I agree very strongly with his involvement in this issue. It's one thing to sentence a man to prison for something he is...