Immigrants or Minorities

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Hispanics as a minority or as immigrants; I believe this to be an answer that is looked upon differently by different peoples opinions. In my opinion, I believe that Hispanics are as much a minority group as are African Americans. Sure, at one time I agree that they were immigrants; they did of course migrate here from Mexico and the various outlying Hispanic countries, whether legally or illegally.

Hispanics have been fused so much into American culture that they are now truly a minority group that look to soon overtake the African American population. Many of their cultures have fused together with American culture. Take for example, the many Mexican restaurants in our area; this food has become a way of a lot of people's lives in the area. Music would be another example, take Carlos Santana for instance, a Latino rock guitarist who has combined Rock & Roll with Latin music, and his music is very well received by American listeners.

I myself was born and raised in Miami, which has a very dominant Cuban population, American and Hispanic cultures have intertwined so much in South Florida over the last few decades that any child born within the past 15 years or so would have a hard time distinguishing one culture from the other. Spanish is like a second language to many people and in several places you must be able to speak Spanish if you expect to get by.

Cubans aren't the only Hispanics in South Florida; there are Puerto Ricans, Central Americans, and South Americans as well. They are not as dominant as the Cuban population is but nevertheless they are indeed Hispanics as well. I think that a multi-cultural country is a good thing; it opens your eyes to new experiences and new ways...