The Impact of Gangs on Society

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Gangs are a major deterrence of minorities having a meaningful and successful life. Various reasons cause the nation's youth to fall into the death trap of a gang. Parents, environment, upbringing and education are some of the biggest things that play an important role in keeping minorities out of a gang life. The movie "Colors" shows some of the conflicts minorities of different races face when being a member of a gang. Death, prison, money, sex and even bonding are but a few of the things a gang life can bring.

A rookie cop Danny MaGavin and Hodges partner up to fight the evil the gangs of Los Angeles bring to the streets. The Crypts and the Bloods are two of the biggest gangs in the city. Drug dealing, drug use and drive by shootings are typical events for gang members. Colors represent a gang with the color blue indicating a Crypt and red being a Blood.

Unfortunately minorities are at the root of the gang chaos. Some gangs are made up of one race others are made up of different races. The territory they grow up in is a big factor in determining their path in life. Education plays a critical role in determining if an individual will end up as an unemployment statistic which can lead to living a life of crime. Minorities find association with gangs just like law abiding citizens find with non violent groups. There is structure within them including leadership, rankings, decision makers, duties, oaths, expectations as well as respect and disrespect. Even initiations are sometimes required to prove your worthiness. Members usually have a street name which brings pride in being known as a certain individual. Colors, hand signs, markings, lingo, and gang names are some of the things that...