Impacts of early European contact with native North Americans

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9 May 2002


I.Opening Statement.

II.Break down of the Early Native American Tribes and Locations.

III.First Impact Loss of Life through the Spread of Diseases.

IV.Second Impact Loss of Land.

A.French Interactions.

B.Dutch and English Interaction.

C.Spanish Interactions.

V.Native American Culture.

VI.The difference between European and Native Women.

VII.Third Impact Loss of Freedom.




VIII.Fourth Impact Treaties.

IX.Closing Statement.

On October 12, 1492, the loud words ring across the deck "Land Ho". After 70 long days at sea a tattered bunch of sea dogs jump down into a small rowboat and work there way ashore. The man in charged is named Christopher Columbus. Have you ever wondered what the impact was on the Native American population, when they first met the insatiable intruders of the European continent? When I was in high school I remember learning about Christopher Columbus and others who were credited for discovering the New World.

I do not recall being told about the many negative impacts that were caused to the Native Americans. Well I always had this nice picture of Chris and the Indians sitting down and enjoying a meal and exchanging gifts. This is what I was taught in high school but is this really what took place? What really happened was the loss of three items that we as American's hold in high value they were the loss of life, land, and freedom of the Native American's! I do not know whether they thought we were too young to understand the overall picture of what took place, or if it is meant to be saved for college level history.

During the period of early European settlement there are believed to have been seven different cultural based Native American societies within the...