Implementation Plan of XML Support

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Implementation Plan of XML Support

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Adding XML documents into their mid-tier applications is going to enhance Riordan's shipping and production processes. The basic concept is to plug in all the necessary external applications needed in order to issue and receive requests within the ERP system. The root of the XML solution contains naming conventions, operational sequencing, XML documents, and query strings required for data transfer. The system will expand or alter the language in the query string needed to alter or recover the appropriate data, for example: Order Forms or Tracking and Inventory. When this plan is implemented, Riordan and their partner companies will have access to 'in real-time' statistics on current inventories and product location. Currently this information is available only in hardcopy format; making inventory updates a tedious task for the company to effectively maintain data accuracy for usage in real time business decisions.�

Implementation Plan of XML Support

Riordan and its partners are trying to enable numerous applications within their manufacturing and shipping process. The addition of XML documents into the mid-tier applications is going to enhance Riordan's shipping process. Riordan's newly implemented ERP System along with implementing a XML document based tracking system devoted to 3rd-party applications will give the company real time inventory updates and a shipping status.

The objective in providing these documents is to help the IT team and developers to gain knowledge of how the service requests are processed inside Riordan and its partners in business to use this system. The data will give the teams plan a context to follow when installing and aligning various applications and the Mid-Tier server. While the team is performing the various tasks...