Importance of Chemical Analysis in day to day life

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The knowledge of chemical analysis today has become important not only for scientists in their research but in fact bears influence in our daily routine as well. To recognize and classify these uses, we have to first understand, what is chemical analysis?Chemical AnalysisChemical Analysis is a body of procedures and techniques used to identify and quantify the chemical composition of a sample of substance.1 It may be said as a collection of all the techniques required to obtain any chemical information about a particular substance. There are two branches in analytical chemistry: Qualitative analysis and Quantitative analysis. Qualitative chemical analysis is used to identify a particular element/compound in a sample of substance. Quantitative chemical analysis consists of determining the quality or concentration of a specific sample of substance. Thus for example, determining whether a sample of salt contains the element chlorine is a qualitative analysis; measuring the percentage by weight of any chlorine in the sample is a quantitative analysis.

Qualitative AnalysisQualitative analysis is the determination of those elements and compounds that are present in a sample of unknown material. It is a method of analytical chemistry which seeks to find elemental composition of inorganic compounds. It is mainly focused on detecting ions in an aqueous solution, so that materials in other forms may need to be brought into this state before using standard methods. The solution is then treated with various reagents to test for reactions characteristic of certain ions, which may cause color change, solid forming and other obviously visible changes. A “wet method” qualitative analysis of inorganic ions proceeds by separating the ions into groups by selective precipitation reactions, isolating individual ions in the groups by an additional precipitation reaction, and confirming the identity of the ion by a reaction test that gives a specific precipitate or...