The Importance of Recognition in Business

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Today, employees' turnover and absences rates from work become a major problem in business society. Therefore, motivate an unmotivated employee is very important factor to keep the organization moving in the right direction. Some people may ask, "What is the best way to motivating and rewarding today's employees?" Employees can be motivating a lot of ways such as job itself and recognition. There are hundred of small things you can do to provide recognition without putting greatest strain of your time. However, recognition doesn't require a lot of money. There are several ways of recognition that widely used like incentives, thank you notes, benefits and salaries increase. Besides making sure that employees feels that he or she is important to the organization and acknowledging them in and out of the workplace.

First, it takes time to understand employee needs of employees. Manager need to arrange some available time to talk with their employees about the workplace, and encourage them to work with the company.

Manager has to make sure that employee feel that he or she is important and how they fit into the overall goals of the company. ( peterson ). Also, to fulfillment an employee's self esteem needs the company must recognize achievement and make employees feel valued and appreciated. Recognition that works doesn't have to be difficult or complicated. Its thanks you delivered in front of group, one by one, or by email. With the right recognition, employees will be more willing to do their job when things get difficult. Recognition doesn't cost anything and it take a very little time to say to your employees "You did a great job." Because employees want their accomplishment identified and acknowledged. They want to see what they do right. Thank you notes could be a unique way...