The Importance of Taking a Class in History

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I believe studying history helps to shed light on the unanswered questions and can take you to different times and places you never knew existed. By studying history it helps for people to make sense of the past, present, and the possibilities of what the future may bring.

There are so many different areas and fields of history, all that can be accessed with the turn of a page and studied endlessly. For this reason when I think of history I think of it as something for everyone. There are so many examples of history that is still used today. For example, to this very day the Supreme Court still references back to the Constitution of the United States. It boggles my mind to think that this over 200 year old document is still used today. One of my most favorite accounts for history is the Bible, which is used predominantly by many.

I believe that by taking an history class the student leaves with a better grasp on just why a lot of things are the way they are, and that is what makes it such a special study. After completing a history class I could understand why a student would leave a more intelligently well rounded person.

From Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue to Thomas Edison's bright idea of the light bulb and from the invention the space shuttle to the first walk on the moon. I feel we are truly endeavored to the reading of an 'old fashioned' history book.