The Importance of the University Education

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Is it important spending time and money going to the university? People are interested in attending university because they are trying to improve their capacities and competences. As a result they are more qualified to get into the job market. But have you ever thought how universities provide you with these specials tools during your education? Let us analyze some of the reasons. University, as its name says, is the house of universal knowledge. It is supposed to provide you access to an incredible world of awareness and opportunities and with a wonderful shade's spectrum that allows you to learn to coexist with other's opinions. Therefore, a student becomes an individual who has the emitting capacity his own judgments and conclusions. Because of all mentioned above, students start the development of self teaching model.

"Permanent Education" is arising as a new model of teaching. In the past, students, (during their time at the university) tried to get as much knowledge as possible but in the workplace they found different situations every day and their adaptation capacity was poor.

The current world is characterized by change, and individual's success depends on his adaptation's facility to the new environment. Therefore, according with these requirements, universities decided to focus on a concept called "teach to learn" which defines the education of the individual as the development of his skills of researching and the improvement of his self learning capacity. After four years of applying this concept of teaching, we found new students being able to learn by themselves. This idea is crossing the world and breaking paradigms.

Management of time is another invaluable advantage of the university. Students frequently have to cope with various assignments at the same time; in consequence, they assimilate the importance of organizing and establishing priorities in their...