Individual Behavior and Communication

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IntroductionIndividual behavior and communication are two big parts of an organizations culture. The way one corresponds with each other through our behavior and communication forms our organization culture and allows for positive work environment. Individual behavior alone goes way beyond heredity and personality traits; individual behavior is influenced by many other elements as well. These elements also help to determine how one relates to others in an organizational workplace.

Ethical responsibility is important to many organizations. Companies often train employees how to act in ethical manners. Ethical responsibility is a huge liability for companies to act unethically. With unethical practices, there can be consequences. Among these consequences are jail time, going out of business, and public backlash. Recent examples include WorldCom and Wal-Mart. The CEO of WorldCom was recently sentenced to more than 20 years in prison for his involvement in inflating the company's profits. Wal-Mart was recently targeted for using sweatshops overseas to produce the goods they sell here in the United States.

Wal-Mart has launched an ethical responsibility program to ensure that ethical standards are being upheld and adhered to in all operations throughout the world.

Individual behavior plays a big role in ethical responsibility. Organizations communicate their ethical standards to their employees through training and policies. In addition to policies, organizations also use both positive and negative reinforcement to control the way that individuals behave. In order for these standards to be upheld, these standards are communicated to the employees effectively. Those two elements, individual behavior and communication are crucial to the survival of ethical responsibility within any organization.

Organizational DiversityOrganizational diversity is also an important element that affects individual behavior and communication. In the modern business world, many companies do business throughout the world. This means that they have customers of many different racial, religious,