The Influence of a Student Teacher

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Henry Adams, an American Historian once wrote that a teacher affects eternity: they can never tell where their influence stops. Through all my experiences working with and instructing children, Henry Adams?s quote is what I find the most inspiring. As a teacher, one has the ability to affect a child?s life in more ways than anyone can ever imagine. That one smile or kind word you can offer as a teacher just might be the only positive interaction a child has the entire day. Because I feel I have the inborn characteristics that it takes to become a teacher, good management skills, patience, love of learning and most importantly, the love of children, I can reach children on a personal and professional level. I have the ability to bring the curiosity within a child out. Observing a child when they have learned something new is what makes teaching worth while.

When I graduate from college, I want a job that I can feel like I have really made a difference in someone?s life and made a positive impact on my community.

Knowledge is the pathway to a new understanding. Giving and obtaining knowledge can better a person?s life in many different ways. I have obtained knowledge as I have matriculated through the University of Akron from several courses, such as, Characteristics of Learners, Teaching and Learning Strategies and Understanding Literacy Development and Phonics. I now posses the skills necessary to be successful in the classroom. Not only will I provide learning opportunities for students, I also will be a positive role model to students (INTASC 1). During a field experience in a kindergarten classroom, I observed a teacher who helped her students by providing structure and discipline in a caring and creative environment. I observed her as she modeled good...