Influential factors to the growth of Nationalism from 1776 to 1824.

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Between the years 1776 to 1824 the United States began having several nationalistic tendencies. Such tendencies were triggered by the ideals of presidents, Chief Justice, John Marshall, and by a reaction to hostilities and threats of European countries. The three most influential factors to the growth of this feeling against globalization during the years 1776 to 1824 were economic, diplomatic and judicial.

Internal and external difficulties of the United States, which increased nationalism, forced the creation of many alterations to the trade and economic systems between the years of 1776 and 1824. During the bothersome Franco-British conflict, several problems arose. Both opposing nations fought against each other as they watched the United States closely to figure out where it stood on the matter. President Thomas Jefferson knew that if he took a side in the matter, he would quickly be invaded by the other force. Following President Washington’s advice and precedent to not make a permanent alliance with any country, Jefferson decided to remain calm and not take sides, for he desired a peaceful stop to the quarrel.

Unfortunately this did not occur and both France and British began to harass American ships. As a reaction to British and French impressments to American ships, Jefferson decided to claim neutrality. By doing this he unified the whole nation and enlarged the feeling of nationalism all throughout the territory. The Embargo Act seriously damaged American economy but united the Americans and saved them from a highly disastrous conflict. Later on, during President Madison’s first administration, the Tariff of 1816 was created as a means of protection of American industry against foreign competition. It was made to ensure that the country’s industry would continue progressing and increasing as it was doing previously. This was a definite motive that increased the nationalistic feeling throughout...