Influenza and the Human Body

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Influenza is also called the grippe or the flu. It is a highly contagious infection of the respiratory tract. It results from three different types of Myxovirus Influenza. Influenza affects all age groups it occurs highest in school children.

The very young, or elderly and those with chronic diseases. Influenza could also lead to death. In 1918 Influenza was estimated to have killed twenty million people. The causes of Influenza are breathing it in or sharing a drinking glass with an infected person. It then attaches to respiratory tract causing inflammation.

Symptoms of Influenza occur in twenty four to forty eight hours after exposure. Symptoms of Influenza are; Temperatures of hundred and one degrees to hundred and four degrees Farnehit, headache, a non productive cough, occasionally laryngitis, and lack of energy. It can also cause chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Treatment for Influenza is bed rest, high fluid intake, Asprin or Tylenol, and an antiviral agent called Amantadine.

Since there is no cure for Influenza, we must take precousions against exposure. We must remember and teach others to practice good hygiene. Washing your dishes in hot water and never eating or drinking after anyone.