Information Processing Technology - how to creat a game or program. its the code on a card game.

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Game properties:

Form 1

CaptionFlip Card Game

Label 1

Name Numbers of Win

BorderStyle 1 - Fixed Single


Font MS Sans Serif12Regular

Label 2

Name lblLoss

BorderStyle1 - Fixed Single

Caption 0

Font MS Sans Serif12Regular

Label 3

Caption Numbers of Win

Label 4

CaptionNumbers of Loss

Command 1

Name cmdNew

CaptionNew Game

Command 2

Name cmdExit

Caption Exit

Command 3


CaptionChose A

Command 4

Name cmdChose

CaptionChose B

Sub for click on a cover card

Sub for a New Game

·Code for the New game Button:

Private Sub cmdNew_Click ()

Static Occupied (1 To 2)

Random picBox = True "Random the Picture box after new game"

PicCover. Invisible = true" For picBox # 1 and 2"

Set win label = 0' update number of win for new game

Set loss label = 0' update number of loss for new game

End Sub

·Code to activate a covering card when it's clicked on:

Private Sub picCover_Click (Index As Integer)

Static First picBox as Integer, First picBox as Integer

Static Second picBox as Integer, Second picBox as Integer

PicCover (Index).

Visible = False" cover card not visible'

lblWin. Caption = \3' update number of win

lblLoss. Caption = \3' update number of loss

If match's fixed card = +1' add 1 to lblWin

If not match's fixed card = +1' add 1 to lblLoss and take 1 off lblWin

MessageBox ' YOU WIN' play again' if card match's the fixed card

Fixed CardCover. Visible = True' show the fixed Card

End Sub

·Code for Chose A command Button

Private Sub cmdChose_Click

Uncover picBox #1 = True' show picBox # 1 when clicked on Chose A

End Sub

·Code for Chose B command Button:

Private Sub cmdChose_Click

Uncover picBox #2 = True' show picBox #2 when clicked on Chose B

End Sub

·Code for Exit command Button:

Private Sub cmdExit_Click


End Sub

Solving The Problem

1.Define the problem

2.Plane the solution

3.Implement the solution

4.Look back

Defining the problem

First I thought of what to do, what game to create. What properties to set for the game and the codes. Think of what the game screen will look like and the features in the game.

Plane the solution

When planing you are required to know the problem first of all. In order to solve it first I design a sketch of how my game screen will look like and labeled the features that are need in the game on the sketch. And then started to set the game's rules and properties. Plan the codes for the game.

Implement the solution

This game basically will be card game where there is three cards one of them is shown to you and the other two are covered for you to guess or find whatever on the shown card.

If the selected card match's the visible card you increase your win points by one because you first start with zero and then you build you way up every time the card match's the shown card. And if the selected card do not match your loss point increase by 1 and your win decrease by 1. Every time you start a new game the covered cards shuffles automatically.

Look back

Looked back and checked the all properties in the game and it's code and insured that it corresponds to the task which was originally defined.