The Inscrutable Americans by Anurag Mathur

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Yet another Indian in America !! One more addition to the hordes of people trying to ram their American curries down our throat. It seems to be the order of the day, with books and movies churned out in truckloads everyday on this intriguing phenomenon.

And it sure is no less than a phenomenon, as people just cant get enough of the clash between these two extremely different cultures. And this, is where Anurag Mathur strikes gold. His book displays an uncanny sense of comedy coupled with terrific timing, which sets it apart from a thousand other books of the same kind. The hero of his book, is none other than the 100% original desi - Gopal, who ventures on a Columbus journey to Uncle Sam's land.

Gopal's comic experiences in the year that he spends on the university campus and his growth from his diverse adventures form the theme of the novel.

In the novel, he resembles a lost puppy who tries to find his bearings in the big bad world of USA, while his good natured pal Randy is portrayed as a Casanova, responsible for sorting out most of Gopal's stereotyped confusions about America along with giving him a whole new set of them.

Humor is an ideal recipe for the success of any plot and Mathur has capitalized heavily on this fact, to deliver a well-worth your money experience. His knack of making us laugh at ourselves without harboring any grudges is endearing. Despite the well meaning title, Mathur has cleverly used a two-way satire to show that Indians are just as inscrutable as Americans.

All in all, a must read laugh riot, which is certainly going to warm the top positions in charts for a long time to come.