How The Internet Changed the World

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The internet has changed the world we live in. Emails are sent across thousand of miles in a matter of seconds. People start business with only a few clicks on a computer screen and students can access entire libraries without even leaving their homes. However there is a darker side to the internet that we are now just beginning to see. All those wonderful emails often time are really not so wonderful. The success of emails has been compromised by spam and worthless chit-chat that can eat into a person's productivity. Even worse though is the fact that our children are now being preyed upon by internet pedophiles while adults are finding that their identities can be stolent which cost them and our financial institutions milions of dollars a year. Yes, the internet has radically made our lives better, but at the same time we must see that the freedom the internet allows us must be regulated and policed.

We've all been here. We open up our email and to our horror we see twenty unanswered emails, all from companies we've never done business with interspersed between these useless emails might actually be a few important emails. For many of us, spam has changed our excitement of opening our emails each morning into a nightmare.