The Introduction of Christianity to Natives

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When Columbus landed on the island of San Salvador in 1492, it was the first meeting between Europeans and Native Americans. It was also known as the first meeting between Christians and non-Christians. The Native Americans had their religions with spirituals and other things, while the Europeans fixed their identities within the frameworks of specific cultures. Such as Spanish, French, English, and more.

Columbus and a few of his followers took the exploration of the new world under their "Conceptual Umbrella", that equated Christianity with civilization. I don't think this was such a bad idea for Columbus to do. Every place of anything, weather it's a work site or a "New World" they need a leader or someone willing to take charge. I think Columbus was very brave and smart for doing what he did. He never forced anyone to be a Christian, but at the same time he still taught people with his beliefs.

Now the Native Americans on the other hand were mostly tribal communities. A society organized with respect to family relationships. There is three ways we must recognize for our understanding with Native American religion. First, Native Americans are remarkably diverse. Second, world views are not always susceptible to analysis in western terms. Third, people must remember that we only know part of the story because knowledge of Native American religions come primarily through story telling and ritual traditions.

With both the Native Americans already living in the "New World", and the settlers coming in, there was a lot of change being made. The Native Americans had to change things and some had to move because of the new people arriving, which kind of upsets me. Although one of the biggest things was the Religious Diversity and problems soon to come.