Inverted Spectrum

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The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of an inverted spectrum was if in-fact humans hear differently between others. Many people are awaken in the mornings by an alarm clock. When my alarm clock wakes me up, sometimes I hear music and other times I hear a constant buzz. How do we know that if when I hear music or the constant buzz, other people hear it as I do, or how they hear it differently.

As if everyone hears the same sounds as another, no one will ever know. At this point it is to believe that when someone hears a lions roar, you hear the same animal as the other person. You know when you hear it, it's a lion, and you know when the other person hears it, he will know that there is a lion also. What we do not know is whether both people here the exact sound the lion makes.

This idea of hearing is kind of the same thing as Nagel states in chapter three. However, instead of the sense of hearing, Nagel uses the sense of taste to explain the inverted spectrum. Another inverted spectrum that can be used is the sounds of a fire truck. Everybody knows when the fire truck is coming because of the noise it makes. However, what does the noise sound like, does it sound the same to a person, as it would to you ? There really is no way to know if anyone will ever have any records showing that everyone hears the same or not. It would be really hard to gain results on something of this nature. If a person was to cut open a persons ear, or do experiments on one's ear drum, there would still be...