Iran, Iraq and Nigeria Contrast

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In this world there are more than 250 countries and many forms of Government have been tried and will be tried in the world of sins and woes. No one in this world can pretend that Democracy is all wise or “just what the doctor ordered”.

Indeed it has been said from Aristotle that Democracy is the not the ideal form of government and therefore it is corrupt and just not perfect. Then if Democracy is not a right form of government, than why so many countries in these world including Iran, Iraq and Nigeria are trying to fight through many years towards freedom and democratization?!The recurring demands for human rights, political liberalization, economical development, freedom and democracy in countries such as Iran, Iraq and Nigeria have actually capitulated contested presidential and parliamentary elections, disprove a uniform antagonism toward democracy. It is apparent that Iran has some signs of movement toward a stable constitutional designation of governmental powers and progression.

I think it seems more pertinent to see the glass of freedom in Iran as half full rather than half empty, after all, the glass started empty when the Shah came to power in 1953.

The venture to democratize Iran is not just a recent idea but it has been and idea for more than a hundred years old. In the past decades there were three powerful political upheavals that trembled the country. For my opinion I would say it was firstly “The Constitutional Revolution of 1906”, secondly The Nationalist Revolt of 1951-53, and lastly “The Islamic Revolution of 1978-79”. All these three movements stand as parallel movements driven by the same nucleus: opposition too corrupt, unjust king, umbrage against the intrusion of foreign powers, and a sky-scraping desire for freedom and democracy. The Constitutional Revolution of 1906 took place...