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While growing up, I had many questions of the human existence and how we all came into this world. Well, for me would be easy to say I came because of the conception of the eggs and the sperm. How did my parents come to this world? Well, the same answer would belong for them too. I think if I sit and try to figure the whiz behind all these "eggs", than we all would think than who really created the human beings?! My only answer would be, the only eternal God.

I am sure that we all have several questions still debating our Muslim theologians, including whether the Qur'an was created, or was it really God's word, whether Evil was created by God, the issue of Predestination versus Free will, whether God's attributes in the Qur'an were to be interpreted allegorically or literally, and whether sinning believers would have eternal punishment in Hell.

Moreover, all predicates which express any perfection are applicable to God, with the proviso that they apply to him in another and higher sense than to his creatures. In creating and sustaining the world God is the sole cause: all worldly events proceed continually and directly from him. Man, however, is quite conscious of the difference between his involuntary movements, such as shivering and shaking, crying, hunger, sadness, happiness and those which are carried out in the exercise of his will and choice.

Moreover, for some of us, a strong reason and logic would be acceptable in the conveyers' of God's existence and to some of us, would not be good enough. To the Mutazilites, it is the human intellect that guides a human to know God, His attributes, and the very basics of morality. Once this foundational knowledge is attained and one ascertains the truth...