The Issues of Animal Testing?

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Animal testing is a big issue in this society. On the one hand, lots of people raise pets and treat their pets as a family member. A lot of animal lovers may think that killing or hurting animals for the human beings? good is the most barbarous and harmful way of making benefits for mankind. However, another point of view is that scientists have discovered useful cures for diseases as a result of animal testing. According to this example, some may think that humans are above all the living organisms, and that as such we deserve to benefit from the lives of animals for our own profit. But considering the ignorance of the profits we make, should we stop animal testing just because we feel sorry for animals? Do the time, money and the suffering of animals weigh more than the profit from animal testing? Regarding animal rights and the benefit to humans from animal testing, it is not easy to say which comes first.

In my opinion, animal testing should be continued for the following three reasons. First, about ninety percent of animals that are being used in research are rats and mice which are the animal species that we usually don?t think of as pets. Second, there are many U.S. laws created to support the better treatment of animals in laboratories. Finally, the discoveries scientists find from animal testing are critical to finding the cures for major diseases.

Animal activists presented many claims about why animal testing should be stopped. They disagree with animal testing because in animal testing labs, small animals like hamsters, rats and mice are usually kept in a small box about the size of a shoe box. Also, bigger animals only get to live in a cage. Thus, the environment that these animals live...