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Majestic, the one word that could ever describe the art in Ivan Sanchez's house. All the art is intriguing in its own way, but one inparticular catches the audiences' eyes.

The piece is untitled at the moment, even though Ivan painted it while still attending the Art Institute of Houston. The art is best admired when you seperate the background from the foreground; then putting the two together to make the picture complete. While the painting may not have a name the beauty makes up for what lacks.

While first looking at the background it seems rather plaiin, but truly it could never be plain. The main color, dark pink, covers everything, but it does not have much of a texture. The stars are even distributed over the colored canvas in even straight lines that are perfectly spaced apart vertically and horizontally. Llight pink star's accented with a metallic border.

When running fingers along the stars one might feel slight bumps from where the metallic paint has dried and bubbled up to meet the viewer's fingers. Also, in metallic paint are black music notes, the notes differenciate from each other, but still smiliar in which they all rise to meet the fingers of the one touching the art. Notes in a piece of music make all the difference in the world, and in this piece of art the same applies. Add this simple yet mind blowing background to the wonderful foreground and the simple art becomes a masterpiece.

Although the background may seem simple the foreground is anything but that. In the foreground stands a girl probably of teenage years to young twenties. Only one of her eyes shows because hair covers the other one, but even when uncovered the eye is small, dark, and deep set. Her mouth, half smiling, and yet her lips look almost pursed. She has a very round face which matchs well with her hair. The short choppy hair cut magnifies her beauty. The whole painting mixes reds and pinks except in one area in which black purtrudes the pinks and reds. Her black rooms, which are about almost an inch, bluntly become a hot pink color. She stands almost emotionless, but it almost seems as though she is thinking about something. She has on a necklace that looks almost like small pink pearls that would glisten if the light was to hit them at just the right angle. The strapless dress matches the curves of her body perfectly. The elagant flowing lines of her dress seem to be flying as if blowing in a cool summer breeze. The dress appears to be some-what summery yet still has an eleagant look. Over all the girl looks like she would be more punk-rockish, but dressed up she can still be very beautiful.

In the end you can see why art can only be described as majestic and intriguing. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder," one just has to find the art that they think is most beautiful. The most appeasing masterpiece in Mr. Sanchez's house may still be untitled, but her heart stopping beauty would make anyone stare. While staring at the art one must start by taking it apart before looking at the whole to enjoy the everlasting beauty. When beginning with the background and working toward the foreground, the viewer much more happy with the end result. Seeing it for what its is not instead of what it appears to be.