Japan Developing Remote Control for Humans

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Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation is developing technology that can control human beings. A special headset releases a very low current into the back of your ears and through your head, from side to side depending on which way the control stick is moved. The technology is called galvanic vestibular stimulation. Basically, the electricity throws off your equilibrium, and makes your brain think that you need to move to either side in order to keep balance. NTT engineers say they were able to make a person walk in the shape of a large pretzel. A test subject says the sensation is similar to being drunk or under anesthesia, like an invisible hand is reaching into his brain. NTT plans to use the technology in video games to make the experience more realistic. They can also program the electric current to music, making your head bob and jerk around. They say that people in tune with musical expression enjoy the feeling, while others find it nauseating.

The test subject said that if you try and ignore the current and resist it, you can't move at all so you're better off following their orders. He didn't like that. At all.

I think that the development of galvanic vestibular stimulation is very interesting. It's also kind of weird in a way. On the other hand, it's very scary to think that people have the ability to control another human's movements. I think that if this technology got into the wrong hands, a lot of terrible things could result. I mean, what if a PETA activist got hold of one, and made someone else pie Tommy Hilfiger in the face? Or what if terrorists got some and could make other innocent people do suicide car bombings and stuff like that? I just hope that the folks at NTT are able to keep this product in the right hands.