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On your own, think of six questions to ask at the interview. Two questions should be biographical, two hypothetical, one behavioural and one situational.

Interview question:1.Tell me about yourself.

2.How long would you stay in this job?3.If a drunken man is disturbing other customers, what would you do?4.What would you do if there were quarrel between your staffs?5.Tell me about the time you are in a team.

6.Tell me about the time when your staffs do not obey your order.

Ideal answer:1.Candidate should be proud of themselves to tell about the skills they have. I am expected they have communication and management skills.

2.I am expected they say they would stay as long as they can because it shows that they are really interested in this job.

3.They should solve this problem by not disturbing other customers.

4. Candidate should come out a good way and able give a warning to other staffs.

5.Candidate should have an enjoyable time with his / her previous team.

6.Candidate should not have this problem before.

In groups of three take turns in interviewing each other, using the questions you have devised.

Record your interviewees' answers in the space below each question.

Interviewee 11.I think I am a responsible person and good in managing people. I am patient and tolerance with the people around me.

2.As long as this job suits me, I'll stay as long as possible.

3.I will ask my staff to carry him to a special room and help him be awake.

4.I will try to find out what's the problem between them and separate them if necessary.

5.As a team, I'll speak up my opinion and listen to others.

6. I do not have...