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John Lennon was born at Oxford Street Maternity Hospital, Liverpool, England at 6:30 p.m. on October 9, 1940. He was born at exact time the Germans were dropping bombs on Liverpool during World War II. When Lennon discovered music he was soon hypnotized by it and he soon only cared about it.

Lennon learned to play the guitar and his first band the Black Jacks, was a group of his High School friends. Lennon soon changed the name of the band to the Quarrymen after his school the, Quarry Bank Grammar School. Then he was introduced to Paul McCartney and he thought that Paul was just as good as he was at playing the guitar. He asked Paul to join the Quarrymen. The headmaster at John's school got him into the Art College of Liverpool. That same year Paul introduced him to George Harrison. John paid little attention to George, but he sometimes asked him to play with the Quarrymen, and soon would ask George to join the band.

Soon the Beatles were formed, when John thought the name up and the first four original members were, cause others came and went, John, Paul, George, and Pete Best the drummer at the time. But Pete Best was soon fired because he was too serious, even sullen, and also the record producer did not like him. So they hired Ringo Starr, they had met him on their trip to Hamburg, Germany. And the original Beatles were formed. It was a long road to the formation of the Beatles, a group who would change the face of music and we set a presence in the music world yet to be matched. And it was Lennon at the center of it all; he started the first band and soon found the...