Julias Caesar - A Misunderstood Hero

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Many share a mixed feeling when it comes to judging the character of Brutus. We often think that he killed Caesar in an attempt to become the next king leader of Rome. Caesar's murder shouldn't be considered a crime, rather a strong political movement. Brutus did take part in Caesar's murder, but he wasn't the only one, he was one of the many Roman senators who accompanied him in the act. They all feared that the republic was in danger under Caesar's control. Brutus was always devoted to the Roman republic. When he saw his chance, he took it. It was fitting that Brutus was considered by his people, next in line to become the new leader of Rome. He is constantly making tough sacrifices for the benefit of Rome.

Brutus is often seen as the "betrayer" in the story of Julius Caesar. Brutus and Caesar had always shared a strong friendship.

But when he noticed that Caesar was not making the carefully planned decisions that he would of made for his people, he had to do something about it. He once said "Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more"(3.2.21-24). As much as Brutus cared about his good friend Caesar, he cared more about Rome and his people. Before Caesar became the next leader of Rome, many objectified having him as their ruler. Many of the Roman people would of rather had an experienced war general with some kind of history in the Roman Republic such as Brutus.

Of all the conspirators, Brutus is blamed the most. Just because he had the closest relationship to Caesar, many think of him as a traitor to a loyal friend. Killing Caesar was one of his many examples of how much he cared for Rome and...