Juvenile Delinquency

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The first thing I want to mention about family court is the arena it is portrayed in. It has a lot of light and looks more like an office than a courtroom. What I mean is that I didn’t feel as uncomfortable in criminal court as I did in juvenile court.

It was raining out the day was cold and I just looked at the five story building wondering what I was about to enter into. I was a bit nervous for what I have no idea. I looked around to see the people entering and exiting the building. I could immediately notice gang members where in the area. I realized this by the different color bandannas in their back pockets. I also noticed their gang involvement by certain color beads around their neck and wrists. The area is a busy one because of the traffic I noticed too.

I went to the juvenile court located 151-20 Jamaica Ave.

Jamaica, NY 11432, across from the Rufus King Park on Monday May 8th 2006. It was about 10:30 in the morning when I entered the building. Upon entering I was sent through a metal detector, for security purposes. I had a bottle opener in my keychain and I was asked to remove it from my keys and the officer confiscated it and made me sign a paper. He handed me a piece of paper and told me that I should show it to the officer in charge of the metal detector area and he would give me back my bottle opener. I asked the security guard right after where I could I observe a case because I was being sent from a juvenile delinquency class. He sent me to the clerk’s office in the 5th floor. I told her why I...