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Substance abuse concerning juveniles go through problems because juveniles are naive and very easy to trap into becoming users. Youth need healthy beliefs and clear standards. Part of the standards are bonding, attachment and commitment from adults. This is a way to build up their self worth. The problems that exist with in the juvenile is because they lack these things. Recognition, skills and opportunities do not exist because they lack a healthy lifestyle.

To this day drug use by juveniles has been a long term problem with no solution. A plan of action must be taken to slow down this problem. The challenges that we face with this is that some abusers don't want help and those that do don't receive a long enough treatment time to recover, causing them to relapse.

So a plan of action must be taken to slow down the problem. The use of drugs cause problems like theft, murders, rapes, break-ins, abuse, and all sorts of criminal actions.

This results with the drug user not only having to deal with his addiction but now also the consequence that he must pay for his actions. Drugs can bring on these actions because of the high price drugs cost, causing a chain reaction on this criminal behavior. For example if a drug user must pay someone for drugs and he does not have the money, he is forced to rob whoever he can. Which could result in breaking into homes, robbing banks, stealing cars or other worse thefts. Murders can occur from this because if the money is not paid, threats and abusive actions can occur because the person is not in his right state of mind and he is only thinking about where he can get his next fix and the money to pay for...