Karl Marx: Application of his perspective to society.

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Karl Marx: Application of his perspective to society.

Karl Marx, 1818-1883, perceived society to be synonymous with capitalism. Marx was undeniably a product of his era, and his writings focused mainly on the male populace over the female; however, in no way does this dilute his theories. He viewed Industrial Revolution primarily as a capitalist revolution. In essence, the Industrial Revolution turned over a powerful and productive control of society to the upper-classes i.e. capitalists, industrialists, aristocrats and so forth.

During his era, Marx realized that the capitalist economy had little consideration for improving the lives of the majority of people i.e. the working-class. Marx implies that the capitalist economy tears at the fabric of society by drawing people away from small towns and close-nit familial associations into large cities to work in specialized positions in factories, industrial businesses and so forth. Basically, this enables the upper-class to divide and conquer the working-class.

Marx saw this as a way for capitalism to thrive while the upper-classes line their pockets. Realistically, in the capitalist economy the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

It was Marx's belief that personal possession of property was the foundation for social classes i.e. upper and lower classes specifically. Therefore, people either own productive property i.e. factories or industrial businesses etc., or they labor for the land owner. Consequently, under the umbrella of capitalist economy workers are treated as commodities (possessions) of the land owners (capitalist) to be hired or fired at will. In essence, the workers (proletarians) labor long hours for low wages only to live in poverty and inferior living conditions while the capitalist (industrialists) live in the lap of luxury provided through the blood, sweat and tears of the proletarians.

Accordingly, Marx was an avid critic of capitalist societies for...