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This essay will discuss the key impact of ICT on work. This essay will commence with the introduction of e-mail technology, how it is applied in the workplace, its consequences to the organizations, and its positive and negative effect on employees and employers in work environments. The essay will further investigate how ICT has helped with the emergence of virtual organisations. It will attempt to define work as described by most societies around the world. It will also discuss the impacts that ICT has on the workplace as a whole. Indeed, ICT helps organisations improve its productivity and performance. The integration of ICT into organisational culture has made communication amongst employees and employers a more gratifying process. However the technology in workplace has its downsides, lack of employee privacy and leaking of data are common problems that have been associated with ICT in the workplace.

Impacts of ICT on workThe subject of work is at the core of sociology because much of our social and material fabric rests on the work we do, whether we get paid for it or not.

(Bilton et. Al 2001). N. Abercrombie (2004) argues that different kinds of activities are called work; he states that bankers, bus drivers and students would all argue that they are going to work even though they are all doing different things. Most things that require effort are considered work because it is executed with purpose and skill. However, it should be said that people differentiate work based on rewards. Most societies tend to differentiate Voluntary work from non-voluntary work.

The first impact ICT has on the world of work can be traced to e-mail and internet technology. E-mail Technology Electronic mail is a store and forward method used for composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over electronic communication systems.