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Welcome to kingdom called Refrigerator. The kingdom is used as a holding ground to the Ultimate One. The Ultimate One knows all and sees all that happens in our humble home, and I praise him for the blessings that he has bestowed upon me. But you may be wondering who the ruler of this land is? Well, you are looking at him. It is I the T-Bone, and this whole kingdom is mine to rule. I rule every thing you see, from the salami to the root beer. Yes, everything is good for me here, and I would say that I am happier then a kid in a candy store. My wife, Fillet Mignon and I have just become the new King and Queen, due to the fact that our last ruler became as rotten as a five month old peach. This caused the Ultimate One to remove him from his position.

For the couple of days that I have ruled, I have heard nothing put praise from my loyal subjects. The Cube Steaks have been really kissing my butt; they have told me that my marbling is as perfect as a Picasso painting. I am hoping that my reign will last as long as the refrigerator is cold, and that I will always have my subjects support.