Lacson is My Man : An Argumentative Essay

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“What is right, must be kept right; what is wrong, must be set right.” A man of principle. A man who has a word of honor. A man that beholds the attributes such as discipline, intelligence, bravery, and hard work. In every issue, he has a stand. A stand that he believes in and fight for. He asserts himself with courage and projects himself with a stern face, but has a heart that aims to have a peaceful and jus society. He leads his people with an iron fist that makes sure that everyone goes by the rules. When going against injustice, he sees no rank and position just to take things into right direction. The man who possesses all of these and who believes in the motto said above will earn the number one slot in my ballot and he goes by the name Panfilo “Ping” Lacson. Although not every one agrees to what Panfilo Lacson’s principles are, but still I strongly campaign for my bet in the May 2007 election, mainly because of three major points, he is a principled man, has efficient leadership skills and he is an effective legislative member.

Panfilo “Ping” Lacson came from a poor family that lives in Imus, Cavite. Eventhough their family was poor, his parents never deprived him of the chance of studying because their principle is that education is the only thing that they could give to their children that wouldn’t be stolen by anybody. They live up to that principle and educated their children. Just like what it is stated in the aricle of Garcia, Garcia Jr. (n.d) don’t be afraid 22 March 2007 from, Panfilo Lacson got inspired and took the family principle by heart, making him a person that is very principled and a man of...