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Leadership is one of those words has many meanings and can be interpreted in many different ways. To some it may mean the ability to have power and control over others or maybe even having the ability to overrule someone. However, my interpretation of the word is helping and relating to others. It is the ability to show one the correct path and the right steps to get there without pushing them. Leadership is helping and relating to others, it is the ability to show one the correct path.

Leadership to me is a strong person with high self-esteem. The leaders are the ones that stop and help someone in need or volunteer. A leader to is a parent, a friend, and the mentor. A leader is important to me because they are the ones that give you a little help when you need it. They are the ones that guide you thru life and are there when you need a helping hand.

Leaders come from good families and schools that teach leadership.

Leadership is power. It is a characteristic in human beings that is so amazing that it can separate a significant person from a group of thousands of people. Leadership is the ability to gain respect and authority over many people in all circumstances. It can be positive, negative, tangible, or intangible.

Leadership can be broken down into four main categories: servant leadership, situational leadership, transformational/transactional leadership, and trait theory. Deciding which leadership style to use depends on the individual and the situation. Every leadership style can be used effectively.

Many people want to be the follower but not the leader. Leaders have the most responsibility in the group and take the blunt of the criticism if something goes wrong. Some leader?s are just there because they...