Is the legal drinking age set too high? Perhaps 18 is the better age for legal drinking. Some might argue this but i think alot of people would agree with me.

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The legal driking age in New York is 21. Teenagers are the people that abuse this regulation because a tremendous amount of pressure is put on them. There are a lot of parties, college parties, frats, and clubs that young people go to. After a party is done everyone has to go home right...? Usually many participants are drunk and not aware of what is going on. They then jump in a car and zoom on home. Usually no one thinks to buckle up, lock the doors or to have a designated driver. Well, that's where the problems start to arise and things start going wrong. Some clubs and bars have a designated limo or a car that drives people home when they are through. I think that it is a good idea. It's definetlly going to reduce the number of car accidents. Yet some people have to learn the hard way.

Because they do not think before they drink. If the state would lower the drinking age to 18 and have a law for people under 21 not to drive past a certain time,Things would work out. Yet since many teenagers are not willing to comprimise, my idea would probably not work out. I feel as a young man that the government will let me vote, smoke, have sex, and be done with High School by the age of 18. Why can't i have a beer? Although some would argue this i think that if the government is asking me on my opinion for government officials, then i think I am mature enough to drink. One thing that i have learned is not to mix alchohol and being in a car. I feel that at eighteen you have any other privilege except for drinking. Most of us abuse this...