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The English system is working on the legal profession, which can be well known as two of the groups of people. The members of public and academic lawyers support them. Besides, those people also get critics from society as well. The first group is solicitors. Otherwise, the other group is barristers. Their clients normally critics them when the things go wrong. Eventually, it is caused by any event. They are the first person seem to be in charge.

I.Presentation:With respect to solicitors, their responsibilities are to introduce general legal advice and process the requirement of client. For instance, in the Michael Jackson molestation case, he needs helps from solicitors to deal with court and arrange documents to sell his house after the court. We can see that solicitors work in variety situations. They also get involve in other serious event; however they might face to the case that is over their own experiences.

Therefore, they look forward expertise from barristers; who is known as person with general knowledge of laws. In contrast, Solicitors concentrate on one area of laws. They illustrate their client in the front of the Magistrates, County court and some case in the Crown Court. However, they are required more experienced to advocate in the High Court. Finally, they have to get a law degree; consequently they are taking a year for the vocationally orientated Legal Practice course. In addition, they are followed by year training a solicitor’s office. It normally takes two year for this process.

As far as the barristers are concerned, they process in variety section of laws. They do not only work through in a court, but the public just know them as advocators. As I mention above, barristers expert solicitors in many serious case. In term of efficiency, they find out the...