Life on the Reservation

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I have lived and been to many places in my life, but there is one place that I know shape the person I am to this day. I grew up in an area on the Navajo reservation called smoke signal I live there from birth until I was about ten years old with my parents and my two little brothers. I was raised without all the modern things we have now like TV and Nintendo games and also the essential things like water and electricity. I don't have crazy bills and my family doesn't have to buy a lot of meat are vegetables because we know how to use the things around us to live off. I believe because I grew up in this place it helped me to become the person I am to this day which is independent and helped me to become more efficient in today's world Smoke signal is in Arizona and on the Navajo reservation about fifty miles away from the historical Canyon de Chelly.

There is only one gas station in the area, but that is about 20 miles away from where I lived. I live down a long, narrow dirt road there's a low mountain that bowls around the area we live but its nothing like the Rockies. As a kid I love to hike up and down it finding new places I had not seen before. The ground its nothing but red dirt I hated the dirt because it always made my white shoes and socks red. There are many juniper trees with little blue berries that tasted nasty but the seed make good necklaces that are believed to keep the bad spirits away. I lived in a cabin that my dad and uncles built it only had two rooms the living...