Looking for Alibrandi, by Melina Marchetta

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In the novel, Looking for Alibrandi, by "Melina Marchetta we are taken on the journey of Josephine Alibrandi searching for her identity in the world. The story is about maturity, destiny, knowing who you are and making rational decisions. The story is set in Sydney, Australia and covers 12 months in the most crucial stage of Josie's education at the elite St Martha's Catholic Girls School, but also perhaps the most crucial time in her lie so far.

Josie encounters an array of problems and issues in her life including her illegitimacy, whether to have sex or not, her family's history, to have a sexual relationship, her ethnic background and pressures at her school, however all these issues, that seemed to be recurring to Josie helped her grow into a mature young lady who was able to make informed, mature decisions about her own life and was able to finally, willingly accept her heritage and most importantly herself for who and everything she was.

Josie's initial problem was her illegitimacy and the fact that she wasn't accepted at the superior girls school which she attended as she was born out of wedlock. The other girls also treated Josie as an outcast due to her ethnic background & the ethnic customs which she was forced to practice, such as visiting her Nonna Katia every afternoon.

One certain day at school Josie was pushed a little bit too far & she took matters into her own hands by violently retaliating to Carly's (a rich, princes-like, popular girl at Josie's school whom constantly teases Josie) nasty remarks about her ethnic background by breaking her nose with a science text book. This time in the novel is also significant as it was the first time in Josie's life she had actually needed...