Management and Leaders

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For any company it is vital to know the difference between leaders and management. Management serves the function of finding a new direction. Leaders have the function of getting the team there effectively. Management has a set of responsibilities because they have to be organized and systematic to deliver agreed outcomes. Leadership is a constantly changing role. A company may have a group of people whose leader changes daily depending on the goal or task being performed. A good leader will help to create a positive culture in which the team works in. The management team has the responsibility to provide the necessary tools to complete any task that needs to be performed. However, it is the leadership of the team that will help to produce significant results.

DifferencesManagement is put in place to basically tell the employees what to do; they have achieved this position of authority by means outside of the regular employees’ capabilities.

An employee has no say in what manager is chosen and it is required for them to follow their direction but the employees have a choice in the leader of their group. A leader is someone employees choose follow not because the team has to but because the team wants to follow. A leader does not need the organizational skills required of management but it is their ability to break down the management team’s vision that enables them to effectively reach the goals the vision seeks. While management handles the goals for the team it is the leader who will usually plan how to accomplish them. The management team has the responsibility to ensure the vision for the company is clearly defined for the leader to carry out. Management deals with the day-to-day functions of the company whereas a leader can focus on...